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America's Greatest Awakening comes from the vision and calling that Jesus prayed about in John 17:20-23

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AGA is designed to function as a bridge, both to the people in need in the world as well as to those who have the resources to help those in need.  We are not a “faith-based” organization, although many in our organization do find that much of their actions are based on their position of faith. We do, however, focus on creating solutions that are for the greater good, and sometimes these involve finding and establishing consensus in order to achieve measures of success while still working toward long-term goals.

Our goal is to find the common ground within groups that we can all agree upon and firmly stand behind, as well as understanding how we can assimilate the non-conflicting ideals into this equation as well.

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AGA Partners

"The power of the kingdom is servanthood and the character of the kingdom is selflessness.”
-Bishop Tommy Reid 

Lifecycle Ministry

Church members and ministry workers alike are being empowered with purpose and vision that goes far beyond the walls of their organization alone.

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